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Just Like Paint Cosmetics is dedicated to bringing you the latest makeup looks. We are presenting "Everyday Makeup", letting the world know that it's okay to put on a little makeup everyday. Rather you're to going work, a hot date, shopping with friends, heading to Church or just because! Makeup can be worn everyday.  At the very least don't ever forget to apply your lip gloss...Welcome to the world of makeup that is full of color and excitement. Make an appointment with one of our  JLP makeup professionals to help create all of your makeup needs.

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re most likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though, we deliver results. They all appreciate the versatile looks we provide for any day of the week and for any event of their lives. Our clients trust our team of makeup professionals because they respect our educated opinion regarding perfect match makeup, product knowledge, and helping them choose custom colors that fit the look they're reaching towards. Please, check out our work.




We created our custom color eye shadows, lip glosses and lipsticks to provide a variety of daring looks and courageous styles. These color-filled formulas will glide on smooth and provide full coverage for an eye catching look. Our cosmetics helps you express your individuality by mixing and matches our custom colors together. Styles are getting more adventurous and need

these beauty essentials everyday.

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